About Us


Business Assistance Assistance was founded with the purpose

of providing businesses and entrepreneurs with

digital marketing services and administrative support. 


We help professionals: 

  • get their business on the world wide web to reach their audience and

  • relieve them of overwhelming workload and give them more time to focus on growing their business.

Our goal is to make your time more productive, whether you use our website design and digital marketing services or our executive assistance support services.  You can rely on our team members who have the experience and expertise to provide a high level of customer service.  We are passionate about the work we do. 

Our mission is to support our clients, so they have more freedom to focus on revenue-generating functions of their business by providing them with professional, efficient, and reliable digital marketing and executive assistance.

Our job is to help you focus your valuable time on working with your clients that benefits to the growth of your business while we take care of marketing, design, and administrative tasks and paperwork.

Our promise to you is to provide you with reliable, confidential, professional assistance customized to your specific business support needs.

As your business flourishes, keeping up with the responsibilities of working with your clients and checking off the marketing and administrative tasks on your to do list becomes more challenging.  You can do a lot of things but you can't do everything.

Outsource digital marketing and administrative support projects and tasks to Business Assistance Services to work with a qualified professional who will help you get the job done.  We have the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise to handle a variety of projects and tasks.


As your business partner, your success is our success.  As your business flourishes and becomes more successful, we celebrate successes with you.   Our virtual assistants take a keen interest in your business and your goals.


Our team of virtual assistant professionals are  who have several years experience in their field of expertise and specialization.


How valuable is your time?

Wouldn't you rather focus your time, energy, and efforts on

revenue-generating work for your business?


Outsource to us and give yourself more time to focus on billable work, working with your clients, accepting new clients, networking and other priorities that generate revenues for your business.

Our equation when you focus on billable work while we take care of your office work:

Your Time on Billable Work = Increased Productivity = 

More Revenues = Achieving Your Goals Faster = 

Your Business Success!

Why Choose Us?

Give yourself more time and get the most out of your work day. 

Achieve your goals towards running a successful business.


Free Your time to Focus on What's Most Important:  Focus on priorities that matter to your business while Business Assistance Services takes care of your digital marketing, office paperwork and administrative tasks.
Billable work:  Do the work you love to do.  Work with your clients.  Promote and sell your products.
Increase productivity:  Spending more time working with your clients and selling your products allows you to be more productive.
Increase revenues:  More billable work and increased productivity means you are generating more revenues for your business.  
Improve efficiency:  Outsourcing reduces workload stress from time-consuming office work and increasing your concentration allows you to provide best quality of work for your clients.
Be more organized and manage your workload:   You have more time for billable work, meeting your clients, networking and keeping your appointments.
Website Design and Digital Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience:   Your website will generate leads to increase your clientele and generate more revenues for your business.  Promote your business and share your knowledge and expertise on a blog on your website, on social media and by email marketing to send out newsletters to keep your clients informed.
Achieve your goals faster:  Spending more time on billable work and priorities that matter to your business gives you the flexibility to achieve your goals faster.
Business success:  Own and operate a successful business.

Make better use of YOUR TIME ...


while you get the support you need!

The biggest factors in outsourcing to us that our clients like the most is we have the expertise, developed skills, experience and knowledge to provide them with the support they need.   And they also appreciate that we work in our own office location which saves them $$ on providing office space, workstation, computer equipment, utilities, and they don't have to worry about  payroll costs.

As your business partner, your success is our success. 

As your business flourishes and becomes more successful, we celebrate your successes with you.

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