Document preparation you can rely on.  

Our document preparation services include transcription and typing, and document formatting.

When you don't have time to transcribe an audio file, we are here for you.  Our transcription services are reliable and accurate.

Sometimes you need a document that is uniquely formatted.  Intricate formatting can be stressful and time consuming.  Based on your specific requirements, we format or reformat documents to create a professionally polished final project that will impress your audience.  


All document preparation includes proofreading and editing for accuracy, grammatical soundness, spelling, and consistent formatting.  


Transcription and Typing

Typing and transcription of any business documents:  reports, business proposals, business plans, manuals, business correspondence, resumes, speeches, lectures, memoirs, biographies, autobiographies, create forms and templates, and more.

Transcription from MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, and VLC (3GA) audio file formats. 

Transcription Timing:  1 hour of audio recording takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to transcribe depending on quality of recording.  The better the quality of the recording, the faster the transcription.

Powerpoint presentations:  Create a presentation from draft copy.  Enhance an existing presentation.

Proofreading, editing and reformatting.

For university and college students:  Thesis, dissertatations, other academic papers.

Business Transcription:  minutes notes, interviews, lectures, speeches, seminars.

Medical Transcription:  general practice notes, intervention reports, medical assessment reports.

Legal Transcription:  court notes, interviews, meeting reports.

Insurance Transcription:  insurance investor reports, attending physician statement reports, accident/injury reports.

Academic Transcription:  Interviews, thesis, dissertations, research notes, lecture notes, seminar notes


Document Formatting

Document formatting at your finger tips.  

Having documents that are neatly laid out and consistently formatted makes them more attractive to your audience.  People like consistency and seeing words used in the correct context.  Our document formatting makes your work look great and also makes it easier to read.  For your unique formatting requirements, be sure to provide specifications based on the type of document you want us to format.​​


  • Confirm receipt of all materials including text, images, styling requests, margin requests, font and branding.

  • Prepare by removing unwanted spaces, breaks, tabs and sections to clean the content text for formatting.

  • Set margins, orientation, headers, footers, page numbers, breaks, sections, columns, and tables.

  • Set styling for headings, sub-headings, lists, point or numbered paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, and numbering.  

  • Integrate footnotes and references

  • Branding:  select fonts, styling and colour with your company logo for the front cover layout and include borders, lines and fills, if desired.

  • Headers and Footers:  Add the document title, company name and date.

  • Tables:  Fit tables within the context relevant to the content, set orientation as required to fit and clearly display the data.

  • Images:  Size, crop, rotate, reshape and integrate images to fit in with the text on each page.

  • Captions:  Add title and/or number for each figure, table, chart and diagram for display and cross-reference.

  • Footnotes:  Include consistently styled references that are linked to numbered references on each page.  If preferred, a list of footnotes can be added at the end of the document.

  • Table of Contents:  Create and style the table of contents, list of appendices, list of figures, and list of tables with as numbers or roman numerals accordingly.

Document Types Accepted

We accept Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and PDF documents.  

If you are sending images, we accept JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

For branding, provide your company logo, colour scheme and guidelines.  Your logo should be a high quality JPEG file.  For licensing reasons, we use Microsoft fonts in editable files.

Let us know the size of your document pages.  Do you want lettersize, legal size or metric?

Please include specific instructions for layout if your document is to conform to unique formatting requirements. 

"Professional, meticulous, efficient definitely describes the quality of work from Barbara of Executive Assistance Online.  Very fine work.  Highly ethical.  Excellent customer service above and beyond what I expected." --  R. Gasparini, London, Ontario

"I found that outsourcing work to Executive Assistance Online has been very beneficial to my practice.  Not only do they save me a lot of time but they are very professional, dedicated and committed to completing all forms documents efficiently and in a timely manner and providing the administrative support I need.  Also, I appreciate the convenience that the Executive Assistance Online team work in their own office location and that is a huge advantage for my business." -- Occupational Therapist, Kitchener, Ontario  

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